Dexcom G7 Sensor

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t:slim X2 insulin pump and Dexcom G7


The t:slim X2 insulin pump will be integrating with Dexcom G7 CGM

Just as insulin pumps from Tandem Diabetes Care have paired with Dexcom continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) sensors* for more than a decade, the t:slim X2 pump with Control-IQ technology will soon be integrating with Dexcom G7 CGM! Sign up below to be notified when the pump and Dexcom G7 become compatible later this year.

Tandem has previously communicated that our goal is to launch our integrated offerings within one to two quarters (3-6 months) of Dexcom G7 receiving FDA clearance. We will provide updates on t:slim X2 pump and sensor integration.

t:slim X2 Insulin Pump with Dexcom G& CGM

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