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Pump Accessories

Personalize every part of your diabetes care experience

We know that your pump is an integral part of your life, that’s why we offer accessories to match your needs and personal style.

Pump Case

Pump Case

A plastic case with an optional stainless steel clip that can be worn vertically or horizontally.


Power Outlet Adapter

This adapter works with the USB cable for your pump and folds for easy storage.

Insulin Pump

Screen Protector

Protect your insulin pump with our screen protectors. One pack includes two protectors.

Other Products

Visit our store to view all available Tandem accessories, replacement parts, and products from industry partners.

Insulin Pump Charging


Eco-Friendly Pump

Since 2012, we’ve been able to keep more than 13 million batteries out of landfills because we offer the only rechargeable insulin pump on the market!1

Infusion Set

Diabetes Education

Helpful articles curated by diabetes specialists to help educate people about diabetes management.

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Infusion Set

Infusion Sets

Choose from a variety of cannula materials, tubing lengths, and insertion angles to fit your needs.

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Infusion Set

Diabetes Community

We love the supportive diabetes community. That’s why we’re active on social media and at local events.

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